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Our Story

The founder of the company came from an extensive background of developing IT solutions for the US Navy.  Her philosophy of doing whatever it takes to provide a true benefit to the customer and letting the results speak for themselves is what led to her idea of breaking away from the large, revenue focused big players and starting Juno.

Over the past 20+ years, we have experienced great success in the defense industry and have developed extensive expertise in engineering, implementing, trouble-shooting and supporting IT infrastructure and applications across a majority of the systems in use within the Department of the Defense (DoD). The company was founded on the principal of adding efficiencies to the implementation and technical support processes required to maintain the U.S. Navy’s most critical and largest networks.

These efforts have also provided the opportunity to fulfill other needs for the DoD such as afloat engineers, new network design/support, sustainment engineering, mobile network Flyaway Kits (FAK), foreign military sales, work with the other defense department branches, and subcontractor agreements with multiple, large international contractors. Juno was also selected as a key partner to assist in the design and implementation of the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES). CANES is the Navy's effort to streamline and update shipboard networks to improve interoperability and affordability across the fleet.  Additionally, Juno is now supporting the NAVSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command) through the PMS 500 - DDG 1000 program office with the formation of a high-level plan for cloud implementation on the Zumwalt class guided-missile destroyer (DDG).

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