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Juno Technologies specializes in the application of state of the art Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) to the Information Technology (IT) requirements of the Department of Defense.

The company was formed in October of 2002 by personnel who have been working with the U.S Navy for over fifteen years on the development and deployment of afloat and shore-based information processing systems. As such, Juno Technologies has been at the forefront of efforts by the Navy Space and Naval Warfare Command to deploy effective IT solutions.

Juno Technologies has been intimately involved in the implementation of the Navy’s IT21 strategy and has played a significant role in the development and support of a number of systems which were deployed as components of the IT21 plan:

  • Integrated Shipboard Network System (ISNS) and predecessor systems

  • Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (CENTRIXS)

  • NATO Initial Data Transfer Service (NIDTS)

  • Overseas Naval Enterprise Network (ONENet) (formerly BLII)

  • Theater Medical Information Processing System – Maritime (TMIPS-M)

Juno Technologies personnel have been actively working for NAVWAR in the conduct of in service engineering for a number of years.  Our personnel have performed numerous initial and updated installations of the Integrated Shipboard Network System ( ISNS), CENTRIXS, and TMIPS-M.  Juno Technologies is also called upon frequently to provide both remote and on-site technical assist visits to fleet units experiencing difficulty with their Program-Of-Record (POR) systems, and currently has personnel employed in the Fleet System Engineering Team (FSET). Because our personnel have considerable experience in the end to end operation of the Navy Wide Area Network (WAN) they are typically able to resolve shipboard issues quickly, whether they are the result of improper system configuration, faulty links at shore or remote facilities or more complex issues.

Juno Technologies supports NAVWAR program office functions through the placement of on-site engineers in the SUBLAN and ONENet offices. These engineers are key elements of the engineering planning and conduct of program deployment.

Juno Technologies possesses specific strengths in the following areas:


  • System requirements definition through membership in Design Engineering Working Groups (DEWG)
  • Software development, including a security implementation package which meets the requirements of the National Security Agency Guidelines, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), and the Information Assurance division of SPAWAR (PMW 161)
  • System pre-release testing, including both Developer Acceptance Testing (DAT) and General Acceptance Testing (GAT)
  • System Installation for Unclassified, General Service (GENSER) and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) enclaves
  • System Operational Verification Testing (SOVT)
  • Configuration Management, through function as Technical Points of Contact (TPOC) for processing of NCCS Change Requests (NCR’s)
  • Help desk support to fleet units
  • Technical Assist visits to fleet units and shore sites
  • Information Assurance support through preparation of installation packages for Information Assurance Vulnerability Bulletins and Alerts (IAVA/IAVB)


  • Provides level three support to overseas shore installations of the ONENet system
  • On Site in the ONENet/BLII program office to provide engineering and technical guidance for current and future development
  • Provides on site technical support for ONENet migration efforts
  • Provides engineers as part of ONENet Fleet Support Engineering Team (FSET) in the European Theater


  • Directly supports the SPAWAR SUBLAN program office in the PEOC4I
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